Japan:London is an annual series of world class interdisciplinary art installations and events featuring leading Japanese artists within some of London's most prestigious cultural institutions

ジャパン:ロンドン“ はロンドンで年次行われている世界レベルの学術的アートのインスタレーション/イベントです。ロンドンの一流文化施設を舞台に日本を代表するアーティストを紹介しています。

Japan:London 2016

Full Listing | フル リスティング

  • July 8Keiji Haino and Charles Hayward | Copeland Gallery
  • Keiji Haino and Charles Hayward | 灰野敬二とチャールズ・ヘイワード
    Copeland Gallery

    One of the most intriguing and mysterious figures to emerge from the Japanese psychedelic underground performing with Charles Hayward, an English drummer and founding member of the experimental rock group This Heat
    日本のサイケデリックアンダーグラウンド界が生みだした最も魅惑的でミステリアスなアーティスト、灰野敬二が実験的バンドThis Heatの創立メンバーであるイギリス人ドラマーのチャールズ・ヘイワードとの新たなコラボレーションを組みライブします。

    Copeland Park
    133 Copeland Road
    SE15 3SN
    8pm — 11pm
  • Aug 29Akio Suzuki | Conceptual Soundwork | Asylum & Maverick Projects
  • Akio Suzuki | Conceptual Soundwork

    Suzuki presents a form of performance he refers to as Conceptual Soundwork. Applying a number of self-imposed, simple and austere rules, he uses objects close at hand in a mode of "intellectual play". While these events do on the one hand express a critique of meaningless improvised performance, at the same time Suzuki is constantly aware of the audience's process of listening and he attempts to create contemporaneous connections with the site of performance.

    Caroline Gardens Chapel
    Asylum Road
    SE15 2SQ London
  • Sep 28Merzbow/Thurston Moore/Mats Gustafsson/Balasz Pandi: QUARTET
  • Merzbow/Thurston Moore/Mats Gustafsson/Balasz Pandi | QUARTET

    Japan:London 2016 brings you the world's first ever live performance featuring Japanese noise musician Merzbow, Hungarian drummer Balázs Pándi, Swedish saxophonist Mats Gustafsson (Fire! Orchestra, The Thing) and Sonic Youth great Thurston Moore

    St John-at-Hackney Church
    Lower Clapton Rd
    E5 0PD

    Japan:London 2016


    Masayoshi Fujita | V&A Raphael Room | Credit — Brian Whar

    Marginal Consort | St John At Hackney | Credit — Brian Whar

    Japan:London 2016

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